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In-house Yarn shop

Last night I was searching desperately for yarn to knit the forest & frill shrug. So I pulled out all my bags and was searching through when the bf suggested: Why don’t you set up your yarns like in a yarn shop? Hmmm… I thought. What a brilliant idea! We then considered how we would get this done. Buy those closet shoe holders from Argos that have nice box-like receptacles for yarn? Then the bf had another lightbulb moment and we decided to move around my books and DVDs that align the shelves in my flat and create mini yarn cubbie holes in between. This was actually a really good idea as it forced me to go through a lot of crap that I had on my shelves. I finished my masters at the LSE over a year ago and I still had lecture notes and other sundries on the shelves.

The bf then went on to do an excellent job stacking my yarns and now I can see exactly what I have. For example, I notice that I buy way too many yarns in the beige to orange pallet. It looks a bit chaotic with all my other stuff but I live in a studio and so space is to a minimum. Now I can use my basket which previously held some of my stash to keep my wips.

For the next six months at least I’m trying to only knit with yarns I already own. The only proviso is that I’m allowed to buy yarn on holiday. During my holiday in La Rochelle, I found a great phildar sale and was able to indulge a bit. 🙂

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