Snow Day!

Well, miracle of miracles, there’s a bit of a snow storm here in London (emphasis on bit!). Compared with what I grew up with in the states, this is hardly anything but for London it’s a lot. Buses are not running today and the tube and trains are working with severe delays. Some lines aren’t even running. I leave only a half hour from work so I didn’t think I could indulge in a snow day. However, as the city of London neglected to sand/salt the sidewalks, my usual half hour work took over an hour as I had to carefully slip/slide my way to work. Then I arrived and hardly anyone had made it in to work due to transport failures. Around lunchtime, most people decided to head home. As I couldn’t face that treacherous walk home, I got a cab. Now I’m at home in my comfy wear and some thick socks. It looks like snow day might last a couple of days.

Over the weekend, I managed to complete another set of mitts.

Pattern: Evangeline by Michelle Szeghalmi

Yarn: Malabrigo Yarn Merino Worsted (Little Lovely) approx. 0.7 skein

Needles: 4 mm / US 6 circular

The yarn is great but that color really isn’t great to show off any pattern.

I made quite a few mods. I made a size in between the wristlets and the elbow length mitts for a total of 5 pattern repeats. In addition, I added a thumb gusset (instructions below). On the 10th row of the 2nd repeat I started the gusset. I knitted this magic loop so I had 20 sts on each needle. I added the p2 at the beginning and end of the pattern stitching and then just k20 on the palm side.

Thumb gusset:

Right glove – palm side, k1, pm, m1, pm, k19
next round – K all sts
round 1 – k1, sl m, m1, knit to next marker, m1, sl m, k19
round 2 – work even
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there are 15 sts

Left glove – palm side, k19, pm, m1, k1
next round – K all sts
round 1 – k19, sl m, m1, knit to next marker, m1, sl m, k1
round 2 – work even
Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until there are 15 sts

For the rest of the snow day I’ll be ‘working from home’ and maybe working on a bit of knitting. 🙂

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