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Depressed Snow

One of my boyfriends back in high school told me once that he thought slush looked like depressed snow. Today, it’s depressed snow and ice everywhere. I’m taking another ‘work at home’ day as I can’t face walking through the madness and I can just as easily work from home as in the office. It’s also nice to be in my PJs, watching music videos while working than being in the office.

I did venture out of my comfy home to head to the gym; check out the icy sidewalks.

It was surprisingly busy there. I expected to have the place to myself but bad weather can’t keep City folk away from their daily workout.

Of course one of the nice things with working at home is that I can take many knitting breaks (smiles evilly!). I’m nearly done with my thermis cowl. The only problem is that I’m not sure which buttons I should use. Suggestions welcome!

Tonight I’m off to the Hoxton knitting group. Stitch n Bitch London was cancelled. I was a bit torn between which one to go to. SnB was meant to be at the LSE tonight which would have been a bit strange. It’s been a year and a half since I finished my master’s there; it would have been interesting to check out the old digs though.

Gotta love DeadlyKnitshade‘s SnB logo in honor of these snowy days in London:

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