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Tweet Tweet

I have joined the rank and file and prove yet again that I am a follower of the herd. Yes, I’ve joined twitter. My username is karako17 and it would really help my self esteem if some people would follow the mundane updates that make up my life.

I was very happy to see that Will Smith is on twitter though it seems that it might be ‘his people’ doing the updates rather than him. I was a bit disappointed that Christina Ricci doesn’t tweet. I happen to be a huge fan of everything Christina.

Other news…

The Knit Kit

The bf was supposed to have brought the knit kit to me when he came over to London for his spring break BUT the shops won’t get them till the end of March. He’s coming over on the 13th. Woe is me! No new gadget! Check it out. Isn’t it the coolest ever? (Click on picture for a larger view)

Peace Out!

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