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Rockin’ Socks, Cookie A and A bit of Kinnearing

Rockin’ Socks

Today I was very excited to receive my Rockin’ Sock Club package. It was shipped out last Friday but it had taken the first shipment in January nearly a month to arrive, therefore, I hadn’t got my hopes up waiting for the package. So what a lovely surprise that it arrived only six days from shipping! This time around I hadn’t read any of the spoilers on ravelry and it was nice to see my March package with virgin eyes.

I love the colorway! I can’t make these yet though; I feel bad that I haven’t even start my January socks. Good thing I had the Cookie A sock design workshop at Socktopus this past weekend because now I’m very inspired to knit socks again.

Cookie A

Speaking of Cookie A, I absolutely loved the workshop last Saturday and I can’t wait to have some time to sit down with my graph paper to design some Caryl socks. The design I have in my head is somewhat similar to Kai-Mei in Cookie’s new book, Sock Innovation. I can’t wait to get a copy of the book. I’ll be at Loop on 5 April for the book launch and signing.

A Bit of Kinnearing

I was just in the kitchen at work and saw one of my colleagues wearing a very nice sweater (store-bought of course). I liked the look of it and now that I’m into designing, I thought it might make some good inspiration for a future design.
Anyhow, I took a sly picture of her.

Why did I have a camera in the office kitchen you ask? I happened to be in the kitchen to photograph my new sock club package (above). I get my mail at work and the work camera is way better than mine (10.1 megapixels vs mine which is 4 megapixels) and the kitchen faces the docks (I work near Tower Bridge) and gets lots of natural light.

You might also be wondering why this colleague is holding hands with another. Well, they happen to be enjoying a bit of an office romance. Tea break and hand holding anyone… I prefer cookies with my tea personally 😉

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