G20 Mania and Bankers in Jeans

“With threats of G20-related violence, denim is the order of the day for bankers in the City, with its blue-collar credentials”Times Online

Today is one of those days when I’m annoyed with myself for not carrying my camera. I’ve had no choice then but to pilfer pics from BBC and Sky News websites. This morning, I turned on the news while trying to coax myself out of bed and the first images to pop up were that of President Obama and Michelle arriving at 10 Downing St to breakfast with Gordon Brown and Sarah. Gordon looked his normal dire self while Obama waved to the press and smiled. Gordi tried to get in on the smiling action but it failed miserably. Michelle looked glam and Adam Boulton, my fave political correspondent, tried to get Obama to answer some questions. Obama seemed keen to but dour Gordi advised a photo op and then they went inside.

I then got ready for work and it was quite surreal walking on Liverpool St. First, everyone was wearing jeans as advised. I and I assume all other City workers received the following advice: “Workers in the City are being advised to dress down and postpone non-essential meetings amid fears that they will be forced to run the gauntlet of protesters.” Cops were everywhere though it seems the protestors seem to prefer a lie-in and so nothing had yet begun. The streets were fairly sparse as I think many were advised to work from home. I’m sort of hating being stuck in an office right now rather than being outside in the melee.

One of my co-workers, Tom, seems particularly exemplary of bankers in jeans. He’s an older gentleman and obviously does not make much use of his casual wear. He’s wearing some stonewashed-type jeans circa 1980s with a checked flannel shirt circa early 1990s. Oh, what chaos these protestors have already routed.

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