8. Make a bold career move

If you keep up with my blog, you might have sensed that I was desperately fed up with my job. After the long weekend (ended 5 May), I felt refreshed and was willing to let myself believe that maybe I was over-exaggerating how bad things were. Barely an hour into being back at work, my manager confronted me in an unreasonable manner and in less than a minute my entire joie de vivre disappeared. I felt sick and I knew that I couldn’t put up with my job any longer. So I wrote my letter of resignation, went to speak with HR and then later in the day to my manager. For the next two days, I just felt completely and utterly drained. Then all of a sudden I felt like this weight had fallen off of my shoulders and I could see opportunities that I hadn’t been able to see before.

I’ve since decided to head off to Ghana for a couple of months to do some voluntary work before I’ll probably head back to the US. I don’t know what life holds in the US for me but my 30th birthday is approaching and I’m tired of this itinerant lifestyle I lead. It’s time to settle somewhere and while I’m not sure what my next step is, I know that Britain is not somewhere I can settle.

I bought my tickets today and I’ll be heading to Ghana on 27 June returning on 17 August. I’m mainly following Barry who will be doing field study over there but now that I have my dates I’m going to look into volunteer opportunities. I feel a bit now like I’m taking control of my life. Other moves need to be made but for now I’m happy with where I am.

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