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Accra Arrival

I arrived in Accra, Ghana’s capital, last night. It is so humid here. I generally have quite dry skin but I’m sensing moisturiser won’t be much of an issue here.

I’m staying with Barry’s friend at the British High Commission compound and it’s really quite lovely – internet access, air conditioning, panic buttons should we need help immediately (but the fear that you’ll accidentally hit one; there’s one right over the headboard of the bed), bomb checks of the car in and out of the compound – good stuff. Barry’s friend is absolutely lovely.

We had our first meal at this Italian place called Mamma Mia. Pizza and some lovely chianti. I’m looking forward to trying some traditional Ghanaian food – watch this space for photos and reviews ;-).

My last week in London, I was trying to sort out volunteer work over here and thankfully my ex-boss (before the new boss who came to revolutionize the team arrived and hastened my departure) knew someone in Ghana and gave me her information. She has been a godsend. She owns a guesthouse in Kumasi, another big city in Ghana, and has given me a great deal to stay there for the duration of my stay: http://www.villasankofa.com. There’s even a swimming pool – I can’t wait to start swimming again while training for the marathon. She also talked to a school situated a few minutes from the guesthouse and I can volunteer there. Everything is set – I’m so happy it’s worked out so easily.

Anyhow, I should be a bit more social and not sit obsessively on the internet.

Akwaaba (welcome in Twi) Accra!

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