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Accra – Kumasi

Yesterday, I left my cushy lifestyle in Accra at the British High Commission to move to Kumasi, Ghana’s second city and its historical capital, where I’ll be spending the rest of my time in Ghana. What should have been a straightforward 5-hour bus ride changed when our bus broke down and we were stuck on the side of the road for nearly two hours. I saw a bit of local color as we stopped near a family home. There were the cutest kid goats. I was going to take some pictures but sadly my camera battery ran out as I was taking pictures.

Home outside which we broke down:

Baby goats had run away but here’s their mama:

I’m actually staying outside Kumasi, near Ejisu, at a guesthouse called Villa Sankofa (http://www.villasankofa.com/). Earl who runs the place with his mother is lovely and very helpful. I’d call the place shabby chic. It all looks absolutely lovely but then you realize that things don’t quite work as it should. It’s still a complete luxury compared to what I’d expected when I first decided to come to Ghana. Also, my room, which is actually an apartment, is about double the size of the studio I lived in in London at a fraction of the price.

Today I’m getting my bearings. I’ve made my way to an internet cafe and I have to go buy groceries. Tomorrow, I’ll go to the school where I will volunteer and get that set up. I can’t wait to have a bit more ‘purpose’ to my stay. I guess I’m not one of those people than can just vacation. I need a schedule and I need to feel like I’m doing something.

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