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Yarn Gluttony AKA Stitches East

Despite just arriving in NYC, first on my agenda was heading off to Hartford, CT for Stitches East to hang with my fellow Malabrigo junkie ravelers. As I’m unemployed, the plan was to socialize more and spend less. Hmmm… See the above picture and you can see that I did an amazing job of multitasking…

Here’s the group of us at the Malabrigo booth:

It was supertastically fun to meet up with the Mal Gals and become inducted as an NJ Mal Gal. It also seems that I’ve taken on a bit of a British accent though mainly I’ve just picked up British vocab. I shocked myself when I yelled ‘Oh crikey’ on seeing the large volume of DIC Stardust on offer. I don’t even remember saying crikey when I lived in England. Maybe I did and never noticed it… The Mal gals found my Britishisms quite fun so at least it provided entertainment :-). For me it was interesting putting voices to the posts I’ve been reading for nearly a year. Especially the NJ accents. 🙂

It was also lovely meeting the people behind the Malabrigo yarns of which I’m obsessed and getting a wee treat as well.

A quick sum of what I purchased:

– Dream in Color Stardust (2 skeins of marooned)
– Madeline Tosh Lace (1 skein of Oxblood)
– Madeline Tosh Worsted (2 skeins of Lepidoptra)
– Cascade Eco + (3 skeins of a plum red color)
– 1 mini skein of Habu
– 3 mini skeins Planet Earth Fibers to make masks in camel, sandstorm and a plum color
– Shibui Knits Baby Alpaca DK (2 skeins)
– Tess Superwash Lace (2 skeins)
– 1 pair of Sassafras hoop earrings made of recycled knitting needles
– Gail Hughes buttons
– Beads (1 tube of 6/0s)

-Traded 1 skein Mal Worsted Polar Morn for 1 skein of Jacinta
– Gifted a skein of wounded yarn by Cupcake Jenny
– Gifted a skein of MerinoCash laceweight in Bobby Blue (1180 yards) by Malabrigo and a skein of MerinoCash Fingering weight in Velvet Grapes(450 yards) by Malalabrigo

OMG!!! I am a yarn glutton!

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