My Cup Runneths Over

Tonight, I joined a new NYC friend for Etsy’s craft night which takes place every Monday. For some reason I never considered that of course Etsy has a headquarters and how cool that it’s in Brooklyn. Anyhow, despite a rainy day I headed out to the craft night and how fun was it. Tonight was just an open craft night so I brought my beads and made tons of stitch markers for my Etsy shop. I’ll photo and upload them to my shop tomorrow:

Well I got home and both my Eat, Sleep, Knit and Malabrigo Swap package had arrived. I’m one of those who likes to save the best for last so first I opened my ESK package. All was as expected but there was a bonus. I scored $5 in credit from the ESK scratch card. Yippee!!!

Then on to my swap package: Oh my!!!

Here’s a pic of all the items together:

And the details:

The theme of my package was in honor of my return to the US: Red, White and Blue. All items were wrapped in red, white or blue tissue paper.

At the top was a huge ziploc bag of homemade choc chip cookies. I’d confessed that I’d never had homemade cookies and so Eva made all these for me. I then got some gorgeous red and white PJ pants. I also got the Knitted Lace of Estonia book which I’ve been hankering for for ages.

Then I saw the most beautiful tote. I love Totes and Eva had her mother make me this lovely Tote (these bags are sold on Eva’s mom’s Etsy shop; her Etsy name is 1000pinesneedlearts). Then Eva ingeniously packed a number of awesome surprises in the bag. There are these awesome pockets inside the tote and each pocket had a surprise for moi :-)!!!

Inside the tote was:

– the yarn: Two skeins of Mal worsted in Tuareg and 1 skein MadTosh worsted in Baltic.
– Buttons: Blue, red and some ecru-ey, creamy colored ones
– Red journal and blue post-it notes with cutey birds
– Green and Blacks white chocolate
– Bing Cherry chocolates (w/ real fruit inside)
– 500ml bottle of Eucalan w/ eucalyptus oil
– And if all of the above wasn’t enough, I received an IOU for a knitted item which I’ll receive soon.

Bigger pics can be found on my flickr.

What an awesome way to end my day!!! 🙂

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