Knit, Wine and Mexican

After a hum drum Friday, I bundled up and went to Gotham Fine Yarn for Knit and Wine night. I’m so not ready for this crazy cold. After years of mild London winters, this piercing cold is going to take lot of adjusting. I was bundled up in layers, coat, big worsted weight Clapotis and chunky weight mittens and I was still freezing.

Today we’re experiencing the first snow storm of the season and I’m really excited. I haven’t seen a proper snow storm in years and I’m looking forward to it.

Back to last night. Knit night was great! The people were really cool and very interesting. I’d tried out knit night at Yarntopia and I just wasn’t feeling it. There were a couple of dominant personalities and they talked over everyone else and sadly what they were saying just wasn’t that interesting. In this group, the chat was interesting, everyone was allowed to share and you were also able to have a chat with the person next to you without being talked over. I worked on my xmas knitting. I’m still a long way from finishing but my projects aren’t too bad and I’m not working so I know I’ll get it all done in time.

Gotham Fine Yarn is also pretty awesome. The prices are very reasonable (not so at Yarntopia) and Rebecca, who runs the shop, is really nice and approachable. I think I’ll be adopting Gotham Fine Yarn as my LYS. Plus I love the location. Lots of cool stuff to do in that area.

After knitting, Angelique and I went in search of a Puerto Rican restaurant. It was so cold though that we gave up and ducked into a Mexican restaurant: El Maguey Y La Tuna (321 E. Houston St). This was my first Mexican since arriving back in the states and I was fairly excited. I went for a boring chili con carne burrito as I just wanted warming, comfort food.

My burrito:

Overall, the burrito was tasty but nothing special. Angelique’s food was pretty disappointing. She got something adobo and the serving was fairly stingy. She was still hungry after finishing her meal which is fairly sad for a Mexican place. I then got some flan for dessert and got the stingiest dessert serving every. Also it wasn’t that tasty. Check this out:

So, final analysis, Knit and Wine night awesome but skip El Maguey y La Tuna. We had wanted to go to Katz’s deli but it’s cash only and we were both cash poor.

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