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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! Happy Holidays!

My Christmas so far has been very good. I wasn’t expecting very much so I was very happy to receive so much. As many know, I was recently pickpocketed and my camera was stolen. For me that was a huge blow as I have my Etsy shop and had gotten used to taking pics of things I saw during my day. I felt almost naked without a camera. Imagine my great surprise when my aunt gave me a camera for xmas!!!

Another huge thing I’ve wanted is a Garmin Forerunner GPS watch. I’m planning to do another marathon this year (at least 1, maybe 2) and maybe some half marathons and so having this watch is great! I also got a portable external hard drive which I really need. My laptop is on its last legs and I’m slightly worried that it might die on me soon so having everything backed up will be a huge relief. I def can’t afford a new computer right now so I’ll keep with my 4-year old laptop till it dies on me.

In return, everyone received handknitted gifts. I need to photograph all the projects and upload them here. For my mother I made an Alhambra scarf, my aunt – Forest Canopy Shawl, other aunt – fingerless gloves, brother – knitted beanie and the first of the Septimus Heap series, and my cousin – the book ‘The Hunger Games’ and a crocheted bookmark. I think everyone was happy with their gifts. I ended up knitting till the last minute. I didn’t manage to finish weaving in the ends of the fingerless gloves, so I wrapped them, gave them to my aunt and once she opened it, told her I’d weave in the ends and give them back to her later. Better than an IOU methinks. 🙂

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