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Sweet November Shawl

For 2010, I plan to release at least 4 patterns and here’s the first one. This one isn’t original in that I didn’t come up with the look; however, I saw this shawl/scarf in the movie “Sweet November” and had to make it. Charlize Theron wore this shawl/scarf in various colors throughout the movie and while the movie was not really my cup of tea, I couldn’t take my eyes off the scarf. As soon as the movie ended, I wanted to knit the shawl but considered that others had probably thought the same. I googled ‘sweet november scarf’ and found a number of crocheted versions of the shawl. While I can crochet, I thought it would be cool to work out how to knit it. Thus, the ‘Sweet November Knit Shawl’.

Here’s Charlize Theron in the shawl:

My Version:

A copy of the pattern is available from my sidebar or can be downloaded from ravelry (for those that want to be able to save the pattern to their rav library). It’s a free pattern: download now



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Sun and Wind

After a day of storming yesterday, today has been absolutely beautiful. I woke up and went for a run. Then I convinced a friend to come out to take photos of my new FOs. It was so great outside. The wind was blowing furiously but the sun was shining and it was a great day to catch up on my vitamin D.

Anyhow here are some photos from my day out:

First, a new shawl I designed based on the shawl Charlize Theron wore throughout the movie Sweet November.

Then here’s Damson designed by Ysolda Teague:

A Hat Fit for my Brother designed by Stephanie Nicole

And lots of mitten photos:

1. Original design which will be released soon: Paluk Mitts

2. Zephyr Mittens designed by Tracey Grzegorczyk

3. Spiraluscious Mitts by Anne Hanson

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So far I’ve been doing a decent job of getting my 10,000 steps. I haven’t been perfect however, and a couple of days have gone by where I haven’t reached my goal. But for me this isn’t about perfection but about putting forth effort and there I’m doing well.

In other news, I’m feeling pretty proud of the US right now. It’s amazing the effort that’s being put forward to help Haiti. Ravelers have been absolutely amazing as well. Designers are giving between 50% and 100% of profits to charity and that’s great selflessness. Especially when people like Ysolda Teague and Wooly Wormhead are doing it – that’s going to be quite generous donations.

To do my part, I’m donating 50% of proceeds from my Cable Crush Cowl pattern (can be purchased through ravelry or just by clicking on the sidebar) as well as 20% of proceeds from my Etsy shop to Doctors without Borders.

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A Sale!

I got my first sale from my Etsy shop which was great. Humdrum day overall. Went to gym, crafted, watched America’s Next Top Model marathon. C’est tout!

Steps today – 11,664

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Knit, Wine and Etsy shop

Well last night I did not figure out the RAW thing. I also found out that each picture is like 8mb. While they were great pics, I’d never be able to upload files that big to Etsy. So today we changed the settings on the camera and I re-photoed everything.

Then I had to rush off to Knit and Wine night at Gotham Fine Yarns. It was a good time. I chatted with Rebecca, the proprietor, about teaching a lace knitting class at the shop and it’s tentatively scheduled for the beginning of Feb as we work out the details. I’m pretty excited about the opportunity to teach knitting classes and I’m hoping I’m fairly good at it.

I’m now home and I’ve put a bunch of stuff up on my Etsy:

Here are some pics of the items:

Foldover Armwarmers

Lots of stitch markers

Steps today – 10,000 (had to do some marching to get up to the 10,000 steps as I didn’t go to the gym today)

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Right now I’m trying to download software that reads RAW format photos. My Etsy shop is up and running but since my camera was stolen, I haven’t really been able to take effective pictures. My aunt bought me a camera for xmas but it’s just not that great for my needs. It’s an Olympus point and shoot and I’m underimpressed.

A friend is currently visiting and she brought along her Canon DSLR and I’ve been taking tons of photos. I also bought myself a light tent which is awesome for my photo needs. Anyhow, now I’m trying to upload the photos to my computer only to realize that it doesn’t read RAW format. So I went on the Canon website and they seem to have some software I can download. Hopefully all will be well. I hope I can upload it all to my flickr without issue. I really love the DSLR and once I’m employed I think I might have to treat myself to a decent camera.

Steps today – 11,150

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It’s 11:10pm and I’m knackered. I had a good workout today – was at the gym around 2 hours. Then I spent the day doing some photography for my Etsy shop items. I’ll update that soon.

Steps today – 17,243

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