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Hello 2010!

I’m hoping this year will be a good year. Last year was pretty good but it didn’t end on the best note.

I have so much I need to do this next year. The number one thing is finding a job and the number two thing is losing weight. I’ve really let myself go and this morning I weighed myself and it wasn’t pretty: 220 lbs!!! When I look in the mirror I’m not too happy with what I see and I think that’s really affected my knitting, among other things. While I want to knit garments, I don’t want to knit anything that would fit this body so I don’t bother.

So for next year I have the following resolutions:

1. Find a job – send out 4 applications a day
2. Lose weight – clock at least 10,000 steps each day
3. Run at least 1 marathon and 1 half marathon
4. Design and release 4 patterns
5. Raise at least $1500 for charity
6. Learn to sew competently
7. Improve beading skillz- make jewelry for Etsy shop
8. Get my drivers license

These are all things I need to work on daily. I have a pedometer and I plan to hold myself accountable on my blog to be active and meet the 10,000 steps minimum daily. It would definitely be nice to have a few cheerleaders pushing me along. 🙂

ETA: Steps today – 10,040

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