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Sooo cold!!!

Today is absolutely freezing! I had intended to go to the Downtown NY Knitters group meeting today but just couldn’t bare to be outside. It’s soooo cold and living right next to the beach is not cool in the winter. The winds just cut right through you.

Thank you everyone so much for your support!

Lisa – I use my exercise as part of my 10,000 steps. When I lived in London and worked to and from work, I managed around 20,000 steps per day of pure walking.

Since I couldn’t face the cold today, I’ve been doing aerobics on TV. We have this exercise on demand channel which I just discovered yesterday and there are all these crazy workouts. Today I tried out cardioke. It’s Billy Blanks Jr (son of Billy Blanks of TaeBo fame) taking you through a cardio exercise where you sing along to the music – yes it is that cheesy!!! It was fun for about 5 minutes and then I was just like, I’m a running girl, aerobics ain’t for me. I think I’ll have to join a gym so that I can have a nice indoor treadmill to run on. I had no problems running outdoors during a London winter but a NY one is another story.

Well I still have around 4,000 steps to do today. I think I’ll put on my marching shoes and get marching in front of the TV. Might try some more exercise on demand. The bollywood burn wasn’t too bad :-).

ETA: Steps today – 10,165

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