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Spin and Sculpt

Today I joined my local gym and went on to do the class spin and sculpt. It was hard but not as hard as expected. It always surprises how I’m always just a little bit in shape and generally within about 2 weeks, I’m in shape again. My problem has always been diet not exercise.

Now I’m watching the Biggest Loser. It’s the first time I’ve ever watched the show ‘in real time’. I recognize it’s not real time but I’ve only watched reruns of the shows, never as it is aired. It’s weird I have lots of issues with the show:

1. way too much crying
2. setting unrealistic expectations – I think it reinforces that sense that you can lose weight overly quickly which is what has made the US the fattest nation in the first place.
3. way too much crying

However, in its way, it is inspiring. And as I’m unemployed at the moment, I might try to spend 2-3 hours in the gym per day like them to maximize the burn. I’m hoping I get chosen in the NY half marathon lottery which is in March and I want to be in shape for that. I don’t want to be as out of shape as I was for the marathon.

ETA: Steps today – 13,377

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