Right now I’m trying to download software that reads RAW format photos. My Etsy shop is up and running but since my camera was stolen, I haven’t really been able to take effective pictures. My aunt bought me a camera for xmas but it’s just not that great for my needs. It’s an Olympus point and shoot and I’m underimpressed.

A friend is currently visiting and she brought along her Canon DSLR and I’ve been taking tons of photos. I also bought myself a light tent which is awesome for my photo needs. Anyhow, now I’m trying to upload the photos to my computer only to realize that it doesn’t read RAW format. So I went on the Canon website and they seem to have some software I can download. Hopefully all will be well. I hope I can upload it all to my flickr without issue. I really love the DSLR and once I’m employed I think I might have to treat myself to a decent camera.

Steps today – 11,150


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