So far I’ve been doing a decent job of getting my 10,000 steps. I haven’t been perfect however, and a couple of days have gone by where I haven’t reached my goal. But for me this isn’t about perfection but about putting forth effort and there I’m doing well.

In other news, I’m feeling pretty proud of the US right now. It’s amazing the effort that’s being put forward to help Haiti. Ravelers have been absolutely amazing as well. Designers are giving between 50% and 100% of profits to charity and that’s great selflessness. Especially when people like Ysolda Teague and Wooly Wormhead are doing it – that’s going to be quite generous donations.

To do my part, I’m donating 50% of proceeds from my Cable Crush Cowl pattern (can be purchased through ravelry or just by clicking on the sidebar) as well as 20% of proceeds from my Etsy shop to Doctors without Borders.

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