Sweet November Shawl

For 2010, I plan to release at least 4 patterns and here’s the first one. This one isn’t original in that I didn’t come up with the look; however, I saw this shawl/scarf in the movie “Sweet November” and had to make it. Charlize Theron wore this shawl/scarf in various colors throughout the movie and while the movie was not really my cup of tea, I couldn’t take my eyes off the scarf. As soon as the movie ended, I wanted to knit the shawl but considered that others had probably thought the same. I googled ‘sweet november scarf’ and found a number of crocheted versions of the shawl. While I can crochet, I thought it would be cool to work out how to knit it. Thus, the ‘Sweet November Knit Shawl’.

Here’s Charlize Theron in the shawl:

My Version:

A copy of the pattern is available from my sidebar or can be downloaded from ravelry (for those that want to be able to save the pattern to their rav library). It’s a free pattern: download now


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2 responses to “Sweet November Shawl

  1. yayyayya!!!!! i fell in love with this shawl when i saw the movie too. thanks so much for designing it!

  2. HI!It's very very nice infact I have already download your pattern… You you like to come into my blog and see my versione? You will welcome!Bye Vale

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