Easy Money

I’ve just made the easiest money I’ve ever made (or potentially will make). Being unemployed, I’ve signed up to do focus groups and the like and finally got invited to do one. It was for L’Oreal (though handled by a focus group company) and I was going to be paid $150 for 2 hours of focus grouping. I thought that was super easy money. I did have to do homework however. As a non-regular L’Oreal user (I tend to be buy whatever is on sale kind of girl), I had to buy something L’Oreal, use it for a few days, write a diary of how I felt using it and fill out a questionnaire. Nothing too too painful. Anyhow, I arrive 15 min early to the center as requested and sign in and wait. They then call all our names and ask if we did our homework. Then they started calling people’s names to enter the focus group room. At the end they called my name and another woman, Jennifer, and asked us to wait in the lobby. We were then informed that they always overbook these sessions just in case people don’t show up. We were asked to wait another 15 min in case someone was asked to leave from the group. Then we were called to the front desk, asked to initial the sign in sheet, and handed our checks for $150. I’m thinking that’s pretty easy money… 🙂

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