Twist and Shout

Yesterday, I had day 2 of work at Gotham Fine Yarn. It was a busy day. We’re looking to change the yarns carried by the shop so I spent a lot of the day on the phone talking to yarn suppliers to find out their policies and buy-ins. I suggested String Theory yarns to Rebecca. I saw their stuff at Stitches East and it’s beautiful stuff. Rebecca loves it to so we’re going to order a bit of the Caper sock and some of the silk laceweight. I can’t wait!

I also managed to leave work at a deficit. The box of Malabrigo Twist arrived and I was like a kid in a candy store. OMG! The colors were so beautiful. I totally ended up leaving the store with a few new Malabrigo buddies in my Argyle Land’s End tote. I love that tote so had to give it a bit of a big up (pic stolen from Land’s End site). A skein of MadTosh also desperately needed a new home and I couldn’t say no.

I arrived home and a new camera I ordered had arrived. I’m really excited about this. It’s a Canon Rebel XS. My first DSLR.

It’s pretty much a DSLR for beginners which is me to the T. I got mine from PrimoCameras which I must say is a disappointing online shop. The prices are a bit cheaper but the service is pretty horrible. I was a bit annoyed when they called to upsell me and tried to convince me I needed stuff which I didn’t. Then I assumed the item had been shipped once I saw it was charged to my card. A week passed with no delivery so the next week I called and asked about it. They told me it had shipped from their warehouse the Monday before. They sent no email with shipping confirmation. I gave it another week. Then this past Monday I got a it’s been shipped email. That’s nearly 3 weeks after I placed the order. I recognize the camera isn’t a life and death situation but the lack of communication etc was totally uncool. Also, their website states that when you buy a camera you receive free: tripod, camera case, lens cleaning kit, etc. Guess whose order arrived with none of that stuff. I just called them and it will be sent to me via USPS.

Well I’m a bit inspired to knit this hat so going to work on it now. I also want to work on my Ravelympics project.

Arsenal is playing Porto in the Champions League.

Go Arsenal!!! And its Arsenal,Arsenal FC !
We’re by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!”

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