Snowpocalype – The Sequel

It seems that winter is in no mood to let go. There were a few sunny days, then very rainy and then snowpocalype. My brother’s school was closed today which I think made him very happy as he would have had to take a test otherwise.

Life lately had been up and down – almost manic depressive I’d say. I had a decent job interview and was told there would be a second one. I waited, checked in with my agency, waited and waited, checked in with my agency again and they told me, oops, the Company had called to say they’d found someone else. Sorry for not letting me know. Sucky, eh?

Then I had a dream job, working one day a week at a yarn shop. This led to meeting a lovely woman who provided me with some freelance work. Just as I started the freelance, the yarn shop said that she didn’t really need me. So now no yarn shop job. I can still teach classes at the shop but I feel like I’m moving backwards.

It’s kind of the same with my Etsy shop. A couple of days will go by with decent sales and then nothing for weeks. It’s really hard trying to run an online business.

I sound really down, don’t I? I’m a bit upset at the moment and kicking myself for accidentally repeating a mistake. I guess I’m on the depressive spectrum of this manic depressive life that’s going on right now.

I did manage to go outside for a little while to take some snow pics.

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  1. It will only get better. It seems like when it rains it pours, but there is always sunshine after the rain. 🙂

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