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Stop the Presses…

Well yesterday was a crazy day. Back on Feb 22 I applied for a job with World Teach, a volunteer organization, as the Summer Program Coordinator for their Ecuador program. After a few weeks had passed and I hadn’t heard back from them I assumed that they weren’t interested in me for the position. Anyhow, yesterday I heard from them. They said that due to the Chile earthquake and the program over there the job hiring process had been sidelined. So interviews were scheduled for today: one with the hiring person in Cambridge, Mass and another with the Field Director in Ecuador. Last night I was watching the Spanish-speaking station (the second interview was partly in Spanish) to try to get used to listening to Spanish and just trying to prep for it.

The interviews went well but they were phone interviews so you can’t really be sure that it all went as you might interpret. So I was happily surprised when at 6pm I received the following in an email: “It is my pleasure to offer you the position of Ecuador Summer Program Coordinator.” Then mid-reading the email my phone rang and it was them saying that I’d gotten the job. Yippee!!!

Now they’d like me to start (meaning fly to Ecuador) on April 19th. It’s all so soon but so exciting as well.


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