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Biggest Loser

Last Wed, the NY Marathon Lottery winners were announced and I was not accepted. Big bummer as I really wanted to do the marathon again this year. I contemplated running for a charity again like I did last year but I really couldn’t face having to raise $3,000 again. That reminded me that I needed to work on my 9 events plus 1 volunteering so that I can get guaranteed entry into the 2011 marathon. I’ve already completed the volunteering but as of then no races yet. As I’ll be gone from May to end of Aug (primary race season), I’m really going to have to push it. So I entered the Run as One event for Lung Cancer. You could either run 4mi or walk 1.3 mi. I opted to walk 1.3 mi cause I’m so out of shape lately.

While at the event, the first person I see is Miggy of Biggest Loser fame. I watch the show and though they cry way too much, I enjoy it. I actually went over and said hi. She said that she did all the New York Road Runner events and that she was still working on it. She looked great but obviously still has a ways to go.

Here are a couple of crap cell phone pics:

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