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Pausing at Purl

Us NY knitters have been chatting about Purl Soho moving to new premises for a while. And me being a yarny groupie with time on her hands made my way over to Purl for its opening day. And I must say: Love the new place!!! It’s huge (especially compared to the old digs). Now the knitting and fabric stores are combined which is great.

I met up with my friend, Rae (she’s in the middle of the above pic in white jacket and aqua top), and we hung around the store for a while. She ended up buying a cone of some Habu while I got some Koigu which was on sale (I’m unemployed!). I actually wanted to get a couple of colors to test knit the small size of my new Circuitry pattern. While Rae and I were contemplating colors, another lovely woman, Cathy, joined in and made some great suggestions. It was especially great because I wouldn’t even look at the variegated skeins (a bit difficult when judging Koigu) but she brought a new eye to my way of thinking which is always refreshing.

(Forgive the finger shadowing the left side of this photo)

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