Taking a break

My mind has been so caught up in designing of late which has been cool but I knit because I love it and while I enjoy designing, I’m always thinking. Thinking of sizing, a different edging, what my next design might be, what other colors I should try, etc etc. I haven’t gone to that meditative knitting place in a while. And so I’m taking a wee designing break (like a week or two) and I’m just going to knit. The project: Little Birds by Ysolda Teague.

There’s something really cool about doing this project; I feel like a knitting purist. I’m using Jamieson Shetland Spindrift which adds to that knitting purist feeling. I’m also knitting on the tiniest needles; the bottom ribbing I did using 2mm (US 0) needles. And now I’ve moved to the larger needles 2.75mm (not sure on this size in US and too lazy to look it up). There were times when the ribbing was too tedious to take but in some ways I enjoyed that. Probably helped that I traveled to and from Philadelphia by bus last Saturday and plain knitting seems to work really well for travel knitting.

Now I’m on the colorwork and it’s fun. I’m still having problems getting into the flow of throwing. I’m a continental knitter but for the purposes of stranding I’m holding one color with my left and the other with the right. So I’m picking for one color while throwing the other. It’s very slow work which I’m so not used to. But then as you see the little birds form, it is pretty fantastic.

As with any color knitting, I’m getting a bit unsure of my color choices. I wish that instead of the Isager yarn which I chose for the leaves, I’d stuck with the Jamieson Spindrift. The Isager is just a bit thinner than the Spindrift which I thought wouldn’t be such a big deal but the knitting perfectionist in me isn’t loving it. However I’m not changing at this point. I also wish I’d chosen a different color for the leaves – maybe white? It would have been more dramatic. And maybe a less heathery blue for the birds. Does anyone ever do their colorwork with complete confidence? You know… Not constantly questioning their choices and other colors that might have worked better. Pretty much the fact that each row takes nearly an hour and I’ve gone so far keep me from ripping out and trying different colors. It also helps that I don’t know any local yarn shops that carry Jamieson Spindrift. At this point it would just be too much work to try to change colors so I’m going ahead with my initial choices.


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2 responses to “Taking a break

  1. Looks very pretty! I know what you mean, I have not done any “hobby” knitting for a while, I’ve been treating it like a job! Maybe I should follow your lead….

  2. Wow, I love your colour choices. Not something I could wear, but I think it will be fanastic!

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