Nine Days

It’s hard to believe that I fly in nine days. I really feel like I should have a lot more to do before I travel but I really don’t. I have my visa and plane ticket and all I really need to do is pack. Last time I worked in Ecuador I brought way too much stuff I thought I’d need, especially medications and the like. But now I know it’s actually easier to get meds over there. Just go to the pharmacy and ask for your drug of choice and you get it.

I think the only thing I’m a bit worried about is having sufficient yarn for the next four months. Having lived in Ecuador before I know that getting decent yarn over there is not easy so I pretty much have to bring all my own supplies. Also receiving mail isn’t very reliable either. So I pretty much need to have a goodly amount of yarn for projects and designing. The latter is the more difficult. Who knows how life in Quito will inspire me?!? I’m thinking I’ll bring lots of sock and lace yarn. I also have some designs in my journal that I can work on. Overall I’m taking this as the opportunity to work on my stash and queue. I also would like to reduce my number of WIPs. I’ll most likely take way more than I need but one needs to have choices…

So what to do before I leave? Well pretty much it’s taking care of knitting obligations. I owe pay it forwards and knits to winners of my marathon raffle. I should also knit an early Mother’s Day present.

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