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At the airport

Gosh a new month already. I think my goal for May will be to have more blog posts than last month and to publish at least one design. I have a bunch of design ideas in my queue (journal) so hopefully I’ll be able to execute at least one.

I’m at the airport currently waiting for my flight. First I go to Atlanta, layover for about 3 hours and then to Quito. JFK is cool in that there’s a free wireless area of which I’m currently taking advantage. For the most part my morning has been uneventful. After a fairly sleepless night, strange as I didn’t think I was nervous or anything, I decided I didn’t need my beading equipment and so took that out of my suitcase. I then readied myself and packed my toiletries. I weighed my bags and each was a few pounds over the 50 lbs I’m allowed but I assumed they always give you a few pounds leeway. I then called a cab (my mother had to work today) and headed off.

My cab driver was lovely. A Ugandan guy who actually made interesting conversation. I arrived at the airport, eschewed curbside check-in (didn’t want to have to pay a tip) and then entered. My self check-in went well and there was a lovely Delta person who provided some assistance. I felt good. No one was around and the people seemed friendly so I was sure that the few pounds extra on my luggage would be fine. WRONG!  The guy checking me in was like, it’s 3 lbs over, it’s too much. I tried to smile and reason and he was having none of it. So I took out a few things. I had a tote bag for expressly that purpose. Then my second bag was also a few pounds over and I had to do the same again. Now I’m stuck walking around with a tote bag with a towel, my jacket and a Barbara Walker treasury, oh and some pop tarts. It was a last minute purchase last night and it’s actually good having it in my hand luggage as it means I don’t have to buy expensive airport food. Good thing I took out my beading stuff, else I’d have had a lot more to take out. Both bags were still a bit overweight but it seems that the guy just wanted to watch me take something out and then it was fine. I’m not too worried for my trip home as I have mosquito repellent, sunblock, shampoo, conditioner, presents for my initial host family… stuff I have no intention of taking back home with me.

Once I arrive in Quito. I’ll be meeting my host family. I stay with a host family while I look for my own place. That should be fun though I’m not feeling particularly social at the moment (could be the lack of sleep). I would have preferred to be in a hotel for a few days while I acclimate to my new surroundings. I tend to like having my space while I adjust to a new environment but that is not to be. Oh well… I’m sure I’ll turn on once I arrive. To a new adventure for the next four months. Viva Ecuador!

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