First Day

Today I had my first full day in Quito and it was very busy. I went over to Kate’s, the Field Director for the year long programs, house and her husband, his sister and his mother prepared an amazing bbq (parrillada) for us. It was delish!

Kate's husband, Ever, our chef

While they cooked we talked shop and drank wine. So I guess my working life started right away. There’s not really a break though in these volunteer situations. With many volunteers in the country and just Kate and Steph (the Asst Field Director) to deal with stuff, life’s very busy.

Kate has a lovely home and an amazing view from her apartment. Here are some pics. I love the fog over Pichincha (the local mountain).

Aerial view of Quito

She’s married to an Ecuadorian and they have two children together, the first is her stepson and then the daughter is her biological child.

Steph in the middle and Mia and Joe, the kids

After our festival of meats – there were two kind of sausages, chicken, steak and pork, we headed to the office. As a new month has begun, expenses had to be completed.

In complete randomness, it turns out that the family the Asst Field Director stayed with while she looked for a place (she started in January) was the same family I lived with during my month long orientation in Quito when I was a volunteer here in 2004. So she called up our ex-host brother to say I was in town and he remembered me. I was quite close with that family during my time in Ecuador. Anyhow, after work we headed to his apartment and hung out drinking wine (as you do) and reminiscing about times past. It was so cool to catch up and feel a bit more grounded here.

Tomorrow I start work and I really have to hit the ground running. I have 26 summer volunteers coming and host families and job placements need to be finalized. I’m looking forward to it though. After the last few months of doing not much, I shouldn’t say that because I did get my knit designing off the ground, it’s good to feel like I have a place again; something I was desperately searching for (and have yet to find) in NY.


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3 responses to “First Day

  1. Happy First Day there! Hope your first work-day went as pleasantly as this one seemed to πŸ™‚ How cool that you got to hook up with an old friend as well!!

    Cheers Caryl!

  2. Blonderambles

    Best Wishes for a wonderful time there…sounds like you are off to a great start! Hope you have time to create a little as well- I would miss not seeing your beautiful projects.

    • I brought a suitcase dedicated to yarn so I def plan to create. I have a queue of design ideas that I need to work through. Once I’m settled in a bit more I should def be making time to knit. πŸ™‚

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