Jammin´to the cheesy

It´s been a a busy few days getting things planned for the World Teach summer program. Today, the Asst Field Director and I were jamming to my ipod while working. I have a playlist called ´Workout´. Anyhow, ´Waiting for a star to fall´by Boy Meets Girl came on. I tend to listen to cheesy music when I run. I just like happy music that makes me forget about running. Anyhow, we´ve been listening to it over and over again and I thought I would share:


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2 responses to “Jammin´to the cheesy

  1. Love it! I listed to mortifying music when I run. I should just embrace it, right? Found you through Ravelry, by the way.

    • Embrace it. There’s something about cheesy music that’s perfect for running. Maybe it recalls all those movie montages where the person starts out completely unfit and one song and 3 min later they’re ready to fight bulls. 🙂

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