Working out

So far this year I´ve been pretty good about most of my resolutions. I´ve published over four patterns and I´ve found a job (albeit only for 4 months). However, one big goal has fallen to the wayside. That would be fitness and weight loss. Lacking a job and motivation to go out most days (despite living near the beach – in NY- with a nice long boardwalk) and having a very sedentary hobby (knitting might be a great finger workout but I can´t imagine what else), I´ve been putting on weight rather than losing. So now that I´m in Ecuador I want to change that. I especially feel like a giant here since everyone is quite petite. At 5’8″I tower above both the men and women and the extra girth isn´t helping.

So I´ve started waking up early and going walking with my host parents. They tend to walk and I´ve been walk/jogging. With the crazy altitude and the hilly terrain, I´m not up for a full jog yet but after just 3 days out I´m already improving. I´ve always loved that I´m able to get in shape supertastically quickly. I’ve also started taking salsa classes. I had my second one last night.

Wed night was a bit of a riot. I went to this pub quiz at this British pub called Reina Victoria; it was a South American Explorers event. After work, myself and Steph went over to the pub though the quiz wouldn’t occur for another 1.5 hours. There was a happy hour though, 2 for 1 drinks. I got my usual gin & tonic and Steph got a Pilsner Grande. Then we sat around for a while, ordered nachos and waited. Being Ecuador (and despite this being an event with mainly foreigners), people didn’t start arriving till around 7:30, when the quiz should have started. As we were only two, two others joined our group. One was Mark Thurber who’s a bit famous since he’s a published author. He wrote Climbing and Hiking in Ecuador. There was also Mike’s friend Ron who I kept wanting to call Rod. Anyhow, we were happily drinking, eating and soon competing. And I thought a bit of flirting occurred between Mark and myself but I wasn´t 100% sure.

Anyhow, yesterday Mark and I played some facebook scrabble. We´re both super competitive and absolutely love scrabble. Later that evening, after my salsa class, I got home and changed into PJs and was ready to finish this shawl sample I´ve been working on when I saw an email from Mark inviting me to join him and some friends dancing. I was all set for knitting and more How I Met Your Mother, so I called and said no. Then I was sitting there thinking, hmmm, stay home and knit or go out and dance. Dancing won. A good time was had by all. We started at this bar called El Pobre Diablo and then ended at Seseribo, this really cool salsa club. It´s all salsa all the time and awesome! I was indeed correct that Mark and I were flirting as I do believe that outing might be considered a first date.

Sadly due to all the dancing, I haven´t taken any photos. I promise tons of great photos from my weekend hiking trip to Quilotoa. I leave tomorrow morning. Here´s another great song, it´s Enanitos Verdes (Argentine group) singing Lamento Boliviano:

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  1. Oh, I really need to get exercising. My problem, is the winter. I don’t exercise like I should and often it’s too cold to go out (especially with baby). Excuses, I know. I dislike exercising at home! Good luck to you!

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