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31 Days to Summer

Yesterday I was hanging out on facebook and saw that one of my friends, Lisa, had joined the FB group 31 Days till Summer challenge. The idea behind this group is that there are 31 days (fewer now) till summer and that you should come up with 31 things/habits you’d like to do/get going during the next 31 days. I happen to be in Quito at the moment, the city of eternal Spring, but that’s not going to stop me from joining in in a bit of self-improvement. Anyone that knows me or have followed my blog for a while knows that I’m pretty obsessed with setting goals so this sort of challenge is right up my alley. Now to think of 31 things I’d like to do during the next 31 days.

1. Go jogging at least 3 times a week

2. Take salsa lessons at least twice a week

3. Do at least 10 sit ups each day

4. Do 1 sun salutation sequence 4 times a week

5. Complete sample of knit design 1 and contract test knitters

6. Give myself at least 5 min of physio massage on my bum calf/shin around 4 times a week

7. Complete sample of knit design 2 and contract test knitters

8. Come up with 5 cities that I’d like to move to when I return to the US

9. Complete sample of knit design 3 and contract test knitters

10. Complete sample of knit design 4

11. Stretch at least 5 min each day

12. Do physio exercises at least 3 times a week

13. Go to dentist and get teeth cleaned

14. Blog at least twice a week

15. Do a 20 second plank each day (move to 30 seconds as I get stronger)

16. Floss every evening

17. Write up a spreadsheet of my to dos so that I can check each day as I do said item

18. Email at least one person just to say hi each day

19. Social goal – go to pub quiz/trivia night every week

20. Start a Quito knit night

21. Stick to budget of less than $50 per week (excluding excursions)

22. Go on a hiking excursion

23. Knit one row of Maplewing each day

24. Knit Little Birds sleeves – modify for longer body

25. Drink at least 1 liter of water per day

26. Listen to at least 30 min of an audiobook per day

27. Ask host mother to teach me to make Llapingachos

28. Teach my host mother how to knit cabled fingerless gloves

29. Take at least two tennis lessons from Steph

30. Improve Spanish by speaking more slowly and correctly

31. Read one novel in Spanish

31 Days til(l) Summer Challenge

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