It’s the Christmas Countdown!

This may seem a weird time to post about Christmas preparations but in the life of a knitter, this is actually the best time. As a knitter, I never buy presents, I always knit them. This means that I need to allot quite a bit of time to my Christmas preparations. I’ve never successfully done that. Usually, I’m burning the midnight oil the last week before Christmas, knitting, trying to block in secret, etc. And generally people get lots of IOUs; you know, “here’s one sock completed and you’ll get the other one in the next month or so…”

So, could this be the year that I’m actually going to be organized and have all my prezzies ready?

What inspired this post you might wonder… I was surfing ravelry, as you do, and saw on the main boards the thread “Only six more months til Christmas.” Everyone then pointed out to the OP (original poster) that it was actually 5 months to Christmas. That made me think that I need to start planning out my Fall. I have an ambitious design project that I want to do this Fall (more about that as I work out whether it will work out). And I need to make sure that my presents are ready to go. And I should probably find a job that can support me and my yarn habit. So the next 5 months will be packed for me.

Someone linked to this nifty countdown generator which wordpress doesn’t seem to want me to add.

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