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Black Friday Sale

To celebrate Thanksgiving and the start of the Christmas shopping season, I’m offering 20% off on all of my patterns for the next 3 days. Sale starts at midnight tonight (Thurs, Nov 24, 2010 – Eastern time) and ends at 11:59pm on Saturday, Nov 27, 2010. No coupon code necessary. Here’s a link to my patterns.

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31: A Retrospective

Today, I’m officially in my 30s. I am no longer 30-nothing but a 31-year old. I post this bare photo of me. No make up (not that I ever wear any), no smile, just me. I guess in some ways I look young – no real wrinkles yet. But is there maybe a bit of experience behind those eyes?


I’ve experienced my fair share in the past number of years. Those close to me will understand what that means and those who don’t know me that well, well what can I say? I’ve had the privilege of traveling to many places around the world and now I’m only missing two continents: Australia and Antartica. Not bad.

What I haven’t achieved: Well, I don’t really have any sort of career. I’m currently jobless and looking. I’ve had a really great interview recently and maybe something could come of that. I’d love to get that job but these are hard times for the unemployed. There has been opportunity in unemployment however. I’ve started Caryl Style, my knitwear design business. I released a very successful pattern during the summer: Ruffle My Feathers; and I’m hoping that my new Purple Rain Collection fares well. This aspect of my life is one I’m very proud of.

Being a facebook user, I’m now privy to the accomplishments of friends as far back as junior high. Most of these old friends seem to have families and own homes. I own nothing except for probably too much yarn and too many knitting books and magazines. I have no children and I’m very single. I’m feeling very single at the moment because I was having an absolutely delightful time flirting with a guy at my gym. After weeks of sharing long looks, we finally started talking. Sadly, upon the third day of conversation, I found out that my gym crush was indeed married. That really killed me. Married people shouldn’t flirt with us singletons. It inspires hope that will only be dashed. So I’m a bit sad because I felt a real connection with someone after a long time and at least for me, that’s dead in the water. I know another bit of romance will transpire in the near future but for now I wallow in what could have been.

Children: As my biological clock is rearing it’s head, I must ask myself, do I want children? The answer: I don’t know. I think I might want children because I don’t want to someday regret that I didn’t have them. However, do I deeply desire kids? Not really. I don’t even particularly like other people’s kids. So maybe I’m not meant to be a mother and if later in life I do want one, well there are tons of kids that need adopting, no? I have time yet to consider the question of children but I’m not desperate for them, I don’t even really want them.

So today I’m 31. I’ve settled in NYC for now. I’m jobless but have a burgeoning knitwear design career. I’m without a life companion and slightly disappointed at the moment, but  romance will happen when it’s ready. I guess overall I’m OK. I’m not on top of the world but neither am I rock bottom. I’m OK and I’m OK with that. 🙂



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New Collection Release – Purple Rain

Tonight I finalized the Purple Rain patterns, a collection inspired by my love of Prince, and released them on ravelry. As mentioned before, the collection consists of 4 pieces: mitts, cowl, hat and neckwarmer. I’m offering the possibility of either purchasing each pattern individually or as an ebook for a much lower price.

The Collection
(all 4 patterns)

Purple Rain Mitts



Purple Rain Neckwarmer


Purple Rain Hat



Purple Rain Cowl


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New Collection – an homage to Prince

October to now I’ve been working on a new collection which I plan to release both individually and as an E-book next week. I’m pretty excited to launch my first E-book and I’m quite proud of these designs. I think they’re funky and feminine and to me, they feel very original.

During the late Spring, VH1 aired the movie “Purple Rain” countless times and while the acting was mediocre, I kept watching Prince and Apollonia and really fell in love with Prince’s sense of style. I wanted to pay homage to his wonderful music and wonderfully original style and so I had in my head this Purple Rain collection. Purple Rain along with When Doves Cry are probably two of my fave Prince songs.

In thinking of this collection, purple was a forgone conclusion. I also thought of his album, Diamonds and Pearls and knew that these accessories required bling. Knitting bling pretty much means the addition of beads. I’m not sure that this collection can live up to the phenomenon that is Prince but this is my homage to the artist.

Purple Rain Collection

1) Purple Rain Neckwarmer


2) Purple Rain Mitts

3) Purple Rain Hat



4) Purple Rain Cowl

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I wanted to take a moment to promote my friend Jacqui’s new design, Hestia. She released it today and it’s an absolutely lovely fingering weight cardigan.

It can be worn a variety of ways including,

1) Simply hanging:

2) Belted:

I tested this for Jacqui and here’s my version:


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