My first blog

Last night I was watching the Jon Stewart show and Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post fame was talking about why everyone should blog. I don’t know why but I thought, hmmm… maybe I’ll start a blog, so here goes. I’m not sure that I’m that interesting but I love knitting and storytelling (hence the title of my blog – yarns).

Prior to watching Jon Stewart, I was out in Islington at loop. I had my 15% loyalty card garnered from lots of previous yarn buying. I went a bit crazy buying anything I could think of knitting. I still haven’t knitted my xmas presents yet so the next 20 days is going to be insane. I’m spending the holidays with my boyfriend’s family and so I have to get everything done.

After knitting, I decided to treat myself to a lovely lemon tart at Carluccios. Unknownst to me, they were having a Christmas evening and were providing free mulled wine, mini pizzas, croquets, and other goodies. So I totally indulged. I had had to fast that day in order to take a blood test in the afternoon and it all seemed worth it that my first meal should be delicious Carluccios delicacies. I then got the most delectable chocolate cake from there and I must say that every bite elicited a moan. I’m not usually a chocolate cake girl but that slice definitely converted me for the evening.

I guess in addition to my knitting and reading love, one can add food.

I think this makes for an OK first post.

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