Am I Cheating on my Yarn Diet?

After organizing my yarn and also wishing to save some money during these hard times, I decided to put myself on a yarn diet: No yarn purchases until the summer sales. There are a few provisos: 1) I can buy yarn on holiday (I’m in Estonia next month and can’t wait to check out the yarn wares!); 2) I can buy yarn from gift vouchers (I received a knit picks voucher for xmas); and 3) I have some refund money on my paypal account from yarn that was shipped but never arrived so that money can be used as technically it was already spent.

Anyhow, I got jealous reading the socktopod thread where everyone was excited about getting/receiving their sock club packages. I hadn’t joined the club in time and it’s now too late to join. So I decided I wanted to join a sock club and went on the Blue Moon Fiber Arts website and decided to spend some hard dosh on the Rockin’ Sock Club. So the question is: Have I cheated on my yarn diet? Is joining a sock club technically buying yarn?

I’m a bit excited about it all. I’ve never worked with Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarns before so I’m pretty keen to knit with it. I also adore receiving packages. Who doesn’t, right? This is my first knitting club of this sort and I can’t wait to receive my packages!!!

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