Crazy Caryl Strikes Again

So, last September I had to have surgery on my left leg and my running had to come to an end. I’m pretty much healed now but I’ve just not been able to get back to my running. So with all the million life changes I’m undergoing, I thought why not another. I’ve just signed up for the NY marathon. I’m going to run it for CAMFED – Campaign for Female Education. I’ll need to raise at least $3,500 so any blog lurkers – I’m counting on your help. I do plan to come up with some prizes. I just need to think some up – feel free to make suggestions.

As a training run, I’ve signed up for the Quad Cities Half-Marathon in Moline, IL. I’ll be doing that with a close friend and I’m really excited to connect with her again and do something we both love.

Cheers to me and running and finally conquering the marathon!

I’ve just created my fundraising page. I’d appreciate your support:

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