Meeting Nicky

Today I worked (interned) at a Soho Publishing photo shoot. First thing I had to do was put all the clothes from a trunk on hangers onto a rack. Then I had to steam iron all of them. I got a few steam burns – steam hurts!

Then during breakfast, a woman showed up and I was introduced to her as Nicky, the designer. I was like “Hmmm… I only know one knit designer named Nicky.” So I asked the assistant to the Creative Director what Nicky’s last name was and as you can guess it was Epstein. I was a bit thrilled. We were shooting a Fall booklet of Nicky’s latest designs.

Nicky was awesome. During some quiet times, I sat knitting so she came and talked to me about it. I told her I was trying to be a designer and happened to have my Paluk snood on me. She looked at it and I could tell she wasn’t impressed. Then she was like, if I want to get noticed as a designer, I need my work to stand out. So when we would shoot a new sweater, she’d take me to the side and ask me what made that sweater stand out and give me advice on the kind of things I could do to get my work to pop. It was a great learning experience for me and I wrote down some notes of what she said.

The Creative Director was also really cool and genuinely chatted with me. I found his assistant less than cool. I’m finding (and I don’t know if it’s a NY thing) but people don’t seem to really care much about you. When I first got back and saw my family at our first family get together, you’d think after years of not seeing me they might be interested in what I’d been up to. Nope, they were like hi, nice to see you again and just went on discussing hum drum life things. I’m finding the same interning at Vogue Knitting. Being the new person around, I thought people would be a bit curious about me and ask questions but they’re not. I think most of them assume I’m a college student interning at the place and that’s that. It’s a bit annoying but what can you do. It’s weird to be 30 years old, having had a fairly interesting life and no one caring at all. Overall I’m having a tough time finding my place in this city. I don’t want to go around putting myself forward, that’s just not my style, but it seems the only way to even get noticed.

Here are a few pics from my day. Lots more on Flickr. Sadly I only had my crappy point and shoot on me so the pics aren’t amazing.


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4 responses to “Meeting Nicky

  1. I adore Nicky Epstein! I took a knitting class with her in Savannah and she is very nice and inviting. I can't wait to see your next pattern. The Circuitry pattern looks fantastic:)

  2. Thank you! I have a couple of things in the works. Still more in the idea stage but I find I like to work things out in my head and then the knitting comes quickly. I'm trying to balance knitting my own designs and knitting patterns from other designers. 🙂

  3. OMG! Jealous!! I'm finding my way to my own designs and I can totally relate to the "figuring it out in your head".Take care….

  4. Yes, NYC can be a lonely and intimidating place. On the other hand, how many people would love to be in your shoes right now? Keep burning brightly in your own way! =)

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